Negotiating Skills

Negotiation is a two-way process involving trading off between two parties by means of persuasion and attitude change in a spirit of voluntarism and self-determination.

Learning Outcomes
Participants will learn to effectively negotiate at work by:
Assessing the situation
Developing a negotiation strategy
Practising negotiating tactics
Reaching a settlement with which all parties can continue to productively perform

Negotiating Skills - One Day Program Outline


 Needs analysis

 9.30    Preparation for Negotiation

 Principled Negotiation
 People, interests, options and criteria

 10.30  Tea  

 Negotiation Tactics and Techniques
 Questions and answers in negotiation
 Exercise: Tactics

 12.30  Lunch  
  1.15    Negotiation Practice
  2.45  Tea  
  3.00    The Competent Negotiator
  4.00    Evaluation and Close


Negotiating Skills Framework

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