Management Consulting

Mellish and Associates works with organisations in transition. We specialise in strategic and specialised process consulting. Our positive engagement of people in change and our ability to design and deliver complex stakeholder group interventions assists our clients to achieve their corporate performance goals.

We are known for our facilitative expertise and our appreciative approach to planning and group decision making.

We work constantly with cross-functional, cross-disciplinary, cross-generational, cross-cultural and cross-organisational groups in private, government, higher education, professional and community organisations.

All our consulting interventions are specifically tailored to organisational context, culture and performance requirements. We are requested to and do partner with our clients to ensure that their needs are met in ethical, creative and socially sustainable ways. We support individuals and organisations through change.

The interesting projects below illustrate the diversity of our on-going management consulting work:

   Shaping the Future : Strategic Planning
  • University of Sunshine Coast
  • Queensland Performing Arts Centre
  • Australian College of Veterinary Scientists
  • Department of Justice and Attorney-General
  • Department of Corrective Services
  • Skin Cancer Prevention Queensland
   Leadership Development
  • Boeing Australia Ltd
  • Disability Services Queensland - Senior Managers and Professional Leaders
  • Education Queensland - Aspiring School Principals
  • Beginning Teachers
  • Graduates
  • Managers
  • Women to Leadership
   Appreciative Inquiry
  • School Reviews : Engaging School Communities
   Management Education
  • Public Sector Management Program
   Change Management
  • Blue Scope Steel
  • Sunshine Coast Regional Council
  • Moreton Bay Regional Council
  • Centrelink/Department of Human Services
   Facilitating Forums
  • Disability Services Queensland - North Queensland - all staff
   On-line Products/services
  • Appreciative Inquiry

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"Liz and Appreciative Inquiry are a potent mix, the workshop series resulted not only in a strategic plan but importantly understanding through dialogue and commitment to its implementation by senior regional and corporate managers. The strategic plan was literally a compilation of the outcomes from each workshop and was actually reviewed and endorsed by the group in the final session, establishing a common language and vision for the future. Participants agreed that it was a valued investment of their time."
General Manager, Community Program Development, Department of Natural Resources.

"The final report was fantastic. It told me everything that I needed to know for the future implementation of this program and nothing that I didn't need to know"
Program Manager Youth Mentoring Program, Arts Queensland

"I have had a number of people comment on how impressed they were with you Liz, once again thank you for your marvellous work."
Manager, Program Funding and Evaluation, Strategic Planning and Review, Department of Housing.

"This is the most extensive training program that I have participated in and I have learned a lot".
"This was a very positive program and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience".
Equity Referral Officer Program, Prince Charles Hospital

Received good information and learnt skills and gained confidence to either mentor other people or seek a mentor for myself
"Very pleasant style, very informative presenter, Thank you Eileenî.
Indigenous Australian Employment Strategy Mentor Program, Southern Cross University

"Our needs are not only acknowledged but incorporated into the learning experience"
"Liz makes you feel so comfortable, you can't help but speak up".
Women in Management Development Program, Queensland Regional Heads Forum.Top of Page