Appreciative Inquiry on-line - NEW and exciting! has been updated, integrated, extended and improved!

We are delighted to launch the upgraded, one stop learning place for anyone wanting to extend their learning and practice of Appreciative Inquiry.

The new web based series has 5 AI modules:

  1. Appreciative Inquiry - understanding the method and it's uses
  2. Appreciative Inquiry and conversations
    • Performance conversations
    • Appreciative interviewing
    • Discipline conversations
    • Coaching conversations
    • Leadership conversations
    • Mentoring conversations
  3. Appreciative Inquiry and teams working with change
  4. Appreciative Inquiry for strategic leadership and organisational change
  5. Appreciative Inquiry and program evaluation
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Facilitating Strategic AI Interventions - International Journal of Appreciative Inquiry May 2011, Volume 13, Number 2 by Liz Mellish
"Appreciative Inquiry at Work - Lessons from Case Study Research for AI Practitioners and their Clients" by Liz Mellish AI Practitioner, 2007 (November)
"Appreciative Inquiry" by Liz Mellish Training Journal, 1999 (November), 12-16.
"Appreciative Consultation: The Consulting Perspective ñ Reclaiming Our Imaginative Competence" by Liz Mellish and Brigid Limerick
"A Case Study at an Australian University" by Liz Mellish
In S. Hammond & C. Royal (Eds.), Lessons From the Field.. Applying Appreciative Inquiry (chp. 4). Plano, TX: Published by Practical Press, Inc. and Distributed by the Thin Book Publishing Company.


Appreciative Inquiry
Change Management
Problem Based Learning
Mellish EE Appreciative Inquiry at Work (2000)


Overview of Appreciative Consultation
Sample of Appreciative Consultation Worksheets
Managing Organisations Change Checklist
AI Online Conference April 2005 - slide presentation


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