Advanced Facilitation Skills

Learning Objectives:

Workshop content will be developed partly in consultation with participants. The following skills, concepts, processes and techniques will be included:

Building a cohesive group
Exploring alternative and more effective group processes
Improving group decision-making, problem solving and learning
Intervening in difficult situations
Improving facilitation techniques

Program Outline

Learning outcomes
Course outline
Introduction and Overview
The brief
Process design
Appreciative questioning technique
Facilitation 1:1, small, groups, large groups
Session design for success
Debriefing and critical reflection
Facilitation tools and tips
Planning Checklist
Appreciative Inquiry Principles and 4-D model
The Appreciative Interview
Important Group Process Checklist
Designing Group Processes
Prioritisation categories
How I Act in Conflicts questionnaire
My Learning Style questionnaire
Dimensions of Group Functioning

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