Appreciative Inquiry Workshop

This workshop is designed for anyone interested in initiating, facilitating, advising on, leading and working with change.

Day One

Principles & Practices of Appreciative Inquiry
Locating the Energy for Change
Anatomy of an Appreciative Inquiry
4-D Model of Appreciative Inquiry

Day Two

Engaging in Appreciative Inquiry
Developing Appreciative Topics/Scope of Inquiry
Developing Appeciative Questions/Preparing an Interview Protocol
Conducting Interviews

Day Three

Alternative Applications of Appreciative Inquiry
Case Studies: private, public, community, educational organisations
Designing an Appreciative Inquiry
Outcomes achieved and delivered: client perspectives

Day Four

Facilitating Appreciative Inquiry Interventions
Small groups
Large groups
Understanding Interview Data
Creating provocative propositions/ Images of the Future
Gaining Commitment
Organising for Action

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