Appreciative Inquiry Consultation

Appreciative Inquiry...

Is about the cooperative search for the best in people. The process is used most effectively with groups, organisations and communities in transition. This inclusive, participatory large - group interaction method engages people in change and builds commitment in the process.

The Appreciative Consultation workshop is designed for facilitators, consultants and managers who work with groups in the context of change.


9.00 9.15 Welcome, Introduction and Overview
9.15 10.00 Organisations and communities in transition -partnership processes?

What's different about Appreciative Inquiry?

Assumptions and Principles

10.00 10.30 How Does it work in practice?

4-D model - How can we use it?

10.30 10.45 Tea

10.45 11.30 Workshop: Discovery and Dreaming

11.30 12.00 The Strategic Implications -

Designing and delivering

12.00 12.30 Developing leadership and consultation competencies: Appreciative Leadership

1.15 2.15 Case Studies of applied Appreciative Inquiry - lessons learnt

2.15 3.00 Practical work - designing scope, topics, questions for inquiry

3.00 3.15 Tea
3.15 3.45 Final Forum : developing and appreciative mind set, follow up and next steps?

3.45 4.00 Evaluations and check out

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