Change Management

Change management skills are developed at three levels; personal changes, work unit changes and District changes. This two day program is specifically focused on stimulating a pro-change culture, understanding the dynamics of change and equipping people to be effective change leaders and change agents at all levels.

Who should attend
All managers, supervisors and staff involved in leading and co-ordinating change at work.

Learning Outcomes
As a result of attending this course, participants will gain :
Knowledge of different approaches to change
Appreciation of appropriate change methods for best results
Understanding of the role of the change agent
Application support for current specific work changes
Tools for assessing personal effectiveness in change management

Learning methods
Learning methods are based on the principles of adult learning and equity participation. Practical application of concepts will occur throughout the workshop.

Pre-course work
Participants are required to identify a change they are currently working on. Write aTop of Page brief description of the situation and bring it to the workshop.

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