Corporate Governance

(offered through the Institute of Public Administration Australia NSW Contact, the Program Manager on 02 9228 3705)

On completion of the program participants will:

Understand the legislative or other bases of the powers, role and responsibilities of boards
Understand personal responsibilities as board members, including accountability and liability
Better understand what's involved in achieving a board's objectives
Understand the ethical standards and practices expected of public sector boards and individual board members

Program Outline

Part 1
What is public sector governance?
  Responsible government, the public interest, similarities to and differences from the private sector.
Part 2
Roles, responsibilities and accountabilities

Defining roles and responsibilities, including legislative and other sources, and links with government.
Part 3
Managing risk and liabilities

Risk management as part of a board member's responsibilities.
Part 4
Evaluating board performance

Monitoring, reporting and evaluation
Part 5
The practical realities

Experiences of women board members.

Program facilitators:
Peter Timmins
Dr Liz Mellish (click to Bio)

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