East Meets West

Learning Objectives

After participating in this workshop you will:

Understand the effect of stress on mind, body and behaviour
Identify their personal stress reactions
Develop a personal repertoire of short, medium and long term stress reduction strategies
Understand the role of attitude in stress management
Understand and appreciate the beneficial effect of deep relaxation on mind, body, emotions and behaviour
Use their mind, body and breath to achieve a state of deep relaxation

Program Outline

Learning Objectives and Personal Learning Objectives
Taking our Own Advice
Re-discovering the Relaxation Response
How does the Body React to Stress
My Personal Stress Reactions
Table 1 : Effect of Stress on Bodily Functions
Stress Detector Test
Stress in the Twenty First Century
Costs of Stress in the Workplace
Causes of Stress at GCHSD
Clarifying the causes of Stress
Balancing Daily Hassles with Daily Uplifts
Hassles and Uplifts Inventory
Stress Reduction Strategies
Maximising Emotional Responses
ABCDE Excercises
Nurturing your Spirit: A Toolbox of Activities
Keeping Perspective - The Tombstone Technique
Supporting the Mind through Assertiveness
Nurturing the Mind and the Body - Yoga and Relaxation
A Deeper State of Relaxation
Quick Stress Relievers
Learning Journal
Appendix 1: A Relaxation Script

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