Ethics At Work

Organisations are urged to make improvements to their ethical cultures a priority because focussing on ethics isn't just about doing the right thing or being seen to do the right thing. It is a fundamental aspect of good management practices.

Ethics in the workplace is no longer considered merely as window dressing. Nor can ethics be dismissed as another barrier to efficiency given that emphasising ethics has been found to increase an organisation's effectiveness. What then are those organisational factors which need to be considered when thinking about the ethical health of your organisation? Many factors affect the ethical tone of organisations. Some managers may believe that their organisation is already on the ethical high road and does not require improvement. Remember, however, that even positive aspects of an organisation's culture can diminish if they are not nurtured. So a positive ethical culture still requires attention and reinforcement. (ICAC, 1999, p.6)

The participant guide covers the following topics:

Program Outline

Fundamentals of public sector ethics
Seven Principles of Public Life
Public Sector Ethics Act 1994
The Practice of public administration

Theme 1
Loyalty Case Studies
Ethical studies in decline?
Ethical neutrality?

Theme 2
Acting in the public interest discussion?
Public Interest Case Studies

Theme 3
Managerial Ethics Case Studies
Ethical Decision Framework
Implications and applications for Gold Coast Health Service District
Ethical framework - an example (genetic counselling)

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