Lifestreaming -  Juggling Home and Work

Career management involves a complex juggling act. This workshop supports participants in developing a map of their current and potential work and life commitments, and strategies for managing their lifestreams.

Who should attend
You should attend if you would like to learn about the changing nature of careers, explore strategies for juggling home and work commitments, and develop strategic plans for pursuing career and life goals.

Learning Outcomes
As a result of this workshop, participants will achieve the following objectives:
knowledge of the changing meaning of "work" and the changing nature of "career"
identification of own life priorities and career or work goals
understanding of how others see my roles, goals, values and skills
detailed awareness of current use of time, and assessment of fit between priorities, goals, and current time expenditure
strategic plans for pursuing career and life goals

Learning Methods
Workshop process will be based on principles of adult learning and equity in participation. Triad consultancies, discussions, self assessment questions, and individual reflection and action planning will encourage participants to identify their own lifestream map, personal goals, and strategies for achieving goals. Application of learning to participant's personal and organisational contexts will be emphasised. Top of Page

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