Managing Client Agression

Learning Objectives

After participating in this workshop you will have achieved the following objectives:

Identification of own typical responses to stress and conflict, & advantages/disadvantages of own response
Awareness of causes of client aggression
Skills for handling self in difficult situations involving client aggression
Strategies for managing client aggression for positive outcomes, and practical application of these strategies to own situations
Awareness of how to cultivate a "climate of power with", including how to be non-defensive in communication and strategies for handling defensiveness of others
An action plan for managing client aggression constructively

Program Outline

Learning Objectives & Personal Learning
Objectives Managing Client Aggression: Overview
10 Steps to Managing Client Aggression
Defusing Emotion
Active Listening: LACE
Dealing with Power Plays
How I Act In Conflicts
Your Conflict Style
Managing Stress
Self-Composure Sources of Power
Power Analysis
Non-Defensive Feedback: DESC
Open Ended Questions
Incident Report Form
Case Study Preparation
Feedback: Skills for Managing Client Aggression
Triad Consultancies
Security at Work & Tips
Learning Journal
Being Assertive

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