Project Management

Project Management is a key competence for all staff who work with others to get things done, on time and within budget. This new two day Project Management course will equip participants with the fundamentals of sound project management, including time, quality and cost control.

Who should attend
All staff currently involved in initiating, managing and delivering on work projects.

Learning Outcomes
As a result of attending this course, participants will gain :
Knowledge of the project life cycle
Project initiation skills (scoping, sponsorship and strategy)
Project organisation skills (project plan, milestones, activities and resources)
Detailed project planning skills (estimating and scheduling)
Project control skills (reporting, risk management, monitoring and troubleshooting)
Project team management skills (motivating, delegating and communicating)

Learning methods
Learning methods are based on the principles of adult learning and equity participation. Practical application of concepts will occur throughout the workshop.

Pre-course work
Participants are required to identify a project they are currently working on. Write aTop of Page brief description of the project and bring it to the workshop.

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