Resource Management

Resource management does not require an accounting degree. In fact it is an integral component of effective management. It requires the application of commonsense, lateral thinking and application of simple tools and techniques. The Resource Management course will equip participants with the necessary tools and techniques and framework to apply sound financial management.

Who should attend
Anyone with a budget

Learning Outcomes
As a result of attending this session participants will be able to :
Understand and appreciate the impact of the reforms ñ including Managing for Outcomes, benchmarking, and accrual accounting - on managers
Understand how resources are allocated and how the source of funding affects their authority to expend money
Explain what resource management is and how it affects the way they manage their area
Respond appropriately to the changing environment
Apply appropriate solutions to meeting client needs at a time of limited resources, this includes budgeting and monitoring systems

Learning methods
Learning methods are based on the principles of adult learning and equity
participation. Practical application of concepts will occur throughout the workshop.Top of Page

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