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Training and Development

MELLISH & ASSOCIATES consultants are highly regarded professional facilitators, trainers and instructional designers. Whilst we are continually designing and developing new learning processes with our clients, we have a wide range of flexible and specialist programs which may interest you.

We tailor all our programs to suit your needs, context, culture, people and budget!

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Appreciative Inquiry : 4 days
This workshop is designed for anyone interested in initiating, facilitating, advising on, leading and working with change.
Read more

Change Management : 2 days
This practical program develops participants' ability to stimulate a pro-change culture, understand the dynamics of change and work effectively with complex change in the workplace. Read more

Project Management : 2 days
Participants develop the fundamental skills of project initiation, project planning, project organisation and project control. Co-ordinating, motivating and managing people in projects is also covered. Read more

People Management : 2 days
Managing people and creating a positive work environment requires skills to organise work and people, to help people solve problems, to manage performance and to set goals and plan activities. This two day program equips managers and supervisors to manage staff and contractors in today's complex and challenging work environment. Read more

Time Management : 1 day
This program builds appreciation of diverse networks which require strategic and operational co-ordination to achieve synergies from integration and to build capability from specialisation. Read more

Resource Management : 2 days
This program provides participants with the practical tools, techniques and conceptual framework to apply sound financial management. Areas such as outcomes management, benchmarking, accrual accounting, budgeting, resource allocation and control are covered. Read more

Mentoring : 1.5 days
Workshops for mentors, mentorees and mentoring partnerships are specially designed to maximise mentoring relationships and mutual benefit. Organisational mentoring programs offer high impact, low cost professional development, leadership, diversity and change benefits. Read more

Managing Client Agression : 1 day
Our extremely successful 1 day Managing Client Aggression workshop is supported by a workbook and practical skills development for all staff dealing with clients. Read more

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Cooperative Work Practices: 1 Day
This workshop aims at developing knowledge and understanding of team dynamics and skills needed to work cooperatively with others including: interpersonal skills, individual interpersonal style, decision making processes, and understanding and managing conflict. Read more

Coaching & On-the-Job Training : 2 days
The way we delegate, coach and train our staff effects our productivity, level of effective teamwork and job satisfaction. This program develops and models these skills in a practical and encouraging manner. Read more

Lifestreaming: Balancing Work & Home : 1 day
As a part of career management, this workshop supports participants in developing a map of their current and potential work and life commitments, and strategies for managing their lifestreams. In particular, the changing meaning of "work" and "career", life priorities and understanding individual roles, goals, values and skills is explored. Read more

Communication Skills : 1 Day
This one day workshop is designed to develop important personal and organisational communication skills. Read more
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East Meets West : 1 Day
This new and innovative one day program will help you to get on top of your stress levels. Focusing on the lost art of deep relaxation, this course is designed for people who need effective ways to recognise and manage their personal responses to stress. Using an holistic approach you will learn to integrate the mental, emotional, physical and social approaches to stress management. Drawing on Yoga techniques participants will also learn how to achieve a deep state of relaxation. Read more

Corporate Governance : 1 Day
This workshop aims to encourage effective board membership by providing information about roles, responsibilities and the practical realities of board membership. Read more

Appreciative Consultation / Community Engagement : 1 Day
Appreciative Consultation/Community Engagement - 1 DayThis introductory workshop enables participants to experience Appreciative Inquiry as an participatory approach to consultation and community engagement. Read more

Ethics At Work : 2 - 3 Hours
The Ethics at Work workshop is a 2-3 hour participatory process relevant and helpful for all staff. The workshop uses case studies to illustrate the dynamics of ethical decision making. Read more

Advanced Facilitation Skills : 1 - 2 Days
Aimed at enhancing participation in group decision making, joint problem solving and shared learning, this experiential 1-2 day course is relevant to people who work with groups of different stakeholders, community representatives and staff. Facilitation concepts and techniques such as learning styles, group effectiveness, functioning and roles are covered. Read more

Community Engagement : 2 Days
a) knowledge and a working understanding of Community Engagement principles and practice:

  • Understand the processes of Community Engagement within the Queensland government context
  • Understand the benefits of undertaking Community Engagement and the risks of non-inclusive policy and program development
  • Understand the fundamental principles of social capital, community capacity building and place management
  • Identify the diverse methods of Community Engagement practice and be able to select appropriate methods for different situations and stakeholder groups

b) applications and skills to design, implement and evaluate Community Engagement interventions and processes:

  • Plan and design specific Community Engagement processes for specific purposes
  • Implement participative technologies and facilitative processes to maximise stakeholder, interest group and cross cultural participation
  • Undertake a basic effective community engagement process
  • Evaluate and analyse the relationship between effective community engagement and achieving sustainable outcomes.

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